Process Analysis

Logic & Emotion

Our process is a balance between logic and emotion, creating a magical aura for every brand we serve.


We begin by discovering the project's intrinsic value proposition and formulate a unique brand position by which the magic of the brand begins to grow. We then create a series of advanced design elements while formulating a comprehensive brand system for instant and long-lasting impact. Finally, with a carefully programmed rollout plan, the new brand is ready to develop into a distinguished player in its industry. Such process requires a synergy between art and science. Internally, we call it the 4I Formula.


4I Formula

Our proprietary 4I Formula is a unique 4-step brand creation process aiming to achieve maximum power and efficiency in every project we serve. The four critical steps are as follows:

INSIGHT:  Uncover the brand's intrinsic value proposition by examining its key internal and external factors.

IMAGINATION:  Create the unique brand position and design primaries to form the basis of brand leadership.

INTEGRATION:  Combine and organize all brand elements into a comprehensive system by which the brand will grow.

IMPLEMENTATION:  Rollout the brand development through clear prioritizations and intricate timing.

Step by step, the results are powerful and efficient brand systems capable of establishing distinguished market leaderships.

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